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Although the not-very-flattering reviews I read before seeing this movie caused me to be skeptical, I still had faith in Viggo's ability to become the character he was playing and make movies that would other wise have been OK be great. As it turned out, I had no reason to be worried.

Hildalgo is an action movie, a kind of confused Western with a unique plot that gives enough twistes and turns to outplay any Disney predictability. Even in a movie studded with cool action sequences, the writers were able to keep the plot a strong part of the movie. Many critics said that it was too long, but after being a huge fan of Lord of the Rings for 3 years I guess I really don't pay attention to how long it is anymore. Besides, it's how fast the movie seems to take that's important.

Hidalgo is a masterpiece. Just seeing Viggo's love and respect for horses on screen is enough to make this movie work.

I loved this movie,not just because of Viggo Mortensen,but the horse Hidalgo. The way that the whole story was done down to the location it was filmed in.strong and touching all at the same time!!Good work T.J.and Viggo!!!
-Carolyn L. Turner

i really liked this movie cause i love horses and viggo is a really good actor and i bought this movie 5 days later after it came out and i saw it in theater and i just really like the movie and the horse is so bueatyful!!

The rather negative reviews made me worry while renting this movie but I'm very glad I did. This movie is really enjoyable because of the wonderful storyline. The respect between the indian and arabian nomads and their horses is truly unique. Viggo's comunication between the horse and himself was marvelous! You could truly see his talent as an actor is bigger than his role in Lotr. Omar Sarif & Zuleikaha Robinson were also terrific as father and daughter in a closed, strickt arabian culture. The sandstorm scene impressed me the most. This is a wondeful combi of classic western films with the old fashion Hollywood action scenes.
--Nanci Gemma