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"Let 'er buck!"

"Hey goat man!"

"What in hell fire?"

"Gift from above eh?"

"Well good luck to you."

"Actually, he's a mustang."

"He seems like a wild one."

"Don't you die on me partner."

"Water never looked so good."

"Eat up partner we're back in business."

"If there is a heaven on earth that was it."

"Whatever feed there was ahead is now gone."

"We found the ocean, we just couldn't cross her."

"Whoa buddy, its a long way to the gulf."

"You can do whatever you want after I get you outta there."

"Sounds an awful lot like South Dakota."

"Any blind man can see you're beautiful."

"You should pay them more at the next watering hole."

"Once you get past the legs, it ain't too bad."

"You think we got one more in us? Nah, me neither."

"What? I didn't get you into this, you got me into this!"

"You can say anything you want about me, but I'm going to have to ask you not to talk about my horse that way."

"Remember that race in Montan? We had a three days lead. Just sittin on the front porch of the ranch for 3 days till everybody else showed up."

Sheikh bin Riyadh

"Smart to tie your animal. Had he covered one of the mares the foal would have to be destroyed before it hit the ground and so would the offending shire."

"Perhaps you do not understand what you're up against. Not only are you competing against the 100 finest Arabians, including my famous Al-Hattal, but you are also compteting against the elements."

"Are you a gambling man? You are gambling with your very life. If the elements don't kill you, your fellow riders will.

Al-Hattal Rider

"Can you see it now cowboy? This is the ocean. And its on fire!"


"This hawk will find me food. :something in arabic: You will die out here cowboy."


"The locusts are not a plague as you might think, but a gift from above."

"Hidalgo is the one who believes in you, but can you believe in yourself?"

Rau Rasmussen

"Perhaps you have never heard of the ocean of fire. A 3000 mile race across the Arabian desert. It runs through Arabia, Iraq, and ends at the Persian gulf."

Gang Members

"Look the trap!"

"Release the hunters."

"You heard what the Christian lady said. We are not to kill him. Just his horse, and it's already dead."

Together Quotes

Yusef: "Men go mad!"
Frank: "I can see that."

Jazira: "How did you tame him?"
Frank: "I didn't tame him."